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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

People can go to the moon in only 4 hours

Human being has a great history of discoveries by which they can fell proud of. Among them the discoveries of the space what is astrological discoveries are the most important for the people who has interest in the space science. NASA is a famous name in the astrological discoverers which is institution of US. It is working in its field for a long time.
It has gained a lot of reputation with some of its huge discoveries and experiments. Now NASA's next discovery can be a new rocket which is very fast. If this rocket can be made it will be the fastest rocket in the world. Scientists are expecting that it can travel to Mars in 1 day. Can you imagine that it can travel 22,53,00,000 kilometre in only 24 hours. So this rocket seems to be the rocket of future. NASA is not only making a fast rocket they are trying to make fuel that can make a huge amount of power by which a rocket can travel to the moon in just 4 hours. NASA has started to build this rocket. This rocket will be the biggest of all the rockets For this it can carry a huge amount of necessary things in the space. This is a very big project. But NASA is trying its best to fulfil this project. If this rocket can be made it will be almost 384 ft high. The weight of the rocket is expected to be more than 60,00,000 pound. In 11th may 2015 NASA reviewed the design of this humongous rocket. This design was one of the most advanced design for the rocket. There are so many faces which are looking forward to this project. For its huge importance it is called the project of the future. If this project can be successfully completed it can be a start of a new era of the astrology by which people can think to go more far from the solar system and discover many more things. This rocket can have a great effect in the field of astrology and it can widen the limits of human being.

Picture of rocket by NASA

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