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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Scientist can make a quantum computer using a new phase of matters

I group of scientist have discovered a new phase of matter. The name of this kind of phase of any matter is called the "Quantum Spin Liquid". Many of the scientists predicted the existence of this kind of phase of a matter. But unfortunately they could not proved the existence
of this phase. For this this phase was unknown for a long time. But not a long ago a group of scientists discovered this phase of a matter. This information was published in the Nature periodical magazine. By which it got a huge popularity and a great hope of the scientists who are very curious to know the uses of this kind of phase of a matter. At this moment we know some interesting facts about this discovery. The most interesting fact of this kind of phase is that it is mainly responsible for the division of the electron in a atom. This is one of the most important characteristic of this kind of phase of a matter. In some case this kind of phase makes the characteristic of electron in a atom more inconsistent which can change some of the main common characteristic of a matter. Some time this kind of matter act like a magnet. Many of the scientist are thinking that it is a funny fact to discover a new phase of the matters which are well known to us. Some of the scientists are thinking that it has started a new area of research for the scientists. As the scientists are trying to find more use of this kind of matter, they are giving many kind of new statement about this phase of matter. But the most talked use of this phase of the matter is that it can be a great discovery for the making of the quantum computer in future. They are thinking that this phase of the matter can build some kind of structure for the components which the scientists will use for making the quantum computer. Now let's talk about the quantum computer. Quantum computer is a computer that it very fast than the normal computer even the professional ones. The scientists are thinking a great future of the computer science as this phase of the matters have discovered. They are almost 100% sure that this phase of the matters can have a great effect in the making computer of the future that will be faster than the current ones. We hope that the right use of this discovery will be ensured and it can have a great importance in the development of gadgets and technology of the future.

Quantum computer

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