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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Remembering is easier than forgetting for human brain

picture of human brain
Human brain is one of the most complex thing in the world. As the human have conquered the world using this. But until now there is many unknown things about the human brain. It has developed a lot through out the evolution of the human being. It is the human brain for which human beings are the most advanced species on earth.
We now know the structure of the brain and there are many scientists who are trying hard to know more about it. One of the most strange thing of human brain is that it can remember many important information and use that information in the time of need. But it is hardly possible for us to remember all the things happening around us. The scientists have tried many kind of things for knowing the characteristic of the human brain.

Tracy Wang who is from the University of Texas which is situated in Austin said in  annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society on April 2 of this year that forgetting is one of the passive processes of human brain. Which gives us an idea of the forgetting processes of the human brain.

The scientists proved this discovery with a mind game. This game was played among 20 peoples. The scientists showed them some picture of people, object and other things. The task for the players was to remember those picture. After a while the scientists again test their power of remembering. But this game was played while the brain of the players ware scanned. Using the data of the test the scientist made a computer model of the players. This model show that it was more easier for the brain to remember the pictures of the test than to forget it. Which makes a clear sense that forgetting is more harder for the brain than to remember it.

There are some information for the brain which are not so important. This kind of information are mainly the things you don't notice around you. You can forget these information easily. But if you want to forget any important information like your name it becomes impossible. Which is the clear prove of how difficult forgetting is for your brain.

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